Build communities consisting of a minimum of 20 homes that address landlessness and homelessness.

      Kusina ng Kalinga Care Kitchens: End hunger for children in public schools, on the streets, and in conflict and disaster areas.

      Help grow the GK movement in the USA

      Build up a disaster fund that will deploy aid within 48 hours after disaster $5.00 per relief pack
    • ECO-DORM

      Open up the farm village to the bright poor outside Angat by helping build dorms to accommodate 10-12 students
    • SEED

      School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development Help support a batch of poor
    • SIPAG Futsal

      Start up a community "soccer" program. The best gift to a child is play and a space to dream and develop their potential
    • A tricycle for GK Lorega livelihood program in Cebu

      GK Lorega is a mid-rise, single-building GK community whose families used to live in a public cemetery in the City of Cebu. The community has been making better lives for themselves, setting up a collaborative to sell filtered water to area residents. GK USA's Boston chapter is raising funds to purchase a tricycle to allow the collaborative to make deliveries beyond its current (walkable) delivery zone. The motorbike costs about $2,000, while the custom sidecar costs about $750, for a total cost of $2,750.
    • Help underserved communities access community health services

      Underserved populations in the Philippines have little to no access to healthcare, with few resources available to identify, much less treat, diseases such as diabetes and malnutrition. GK USA Community Health interns from the University of Massachusetts Medical School conduct field research and build out community programs to address health and wellness issues in impoverished communities in Bulacan Province in the Philippines. We need your help to support these programs and cover program expenses of our interns and medical faculty supervisors.
    • Help end childhood malnutrition with Platform Zulu

      Platform Zulu, a GK USA partner and incubator for innovative community health interventions, will provide the framework for addressing childhood malnutrition within GK communities in cooperation with medical students, faculty, local community health partners and the communities themselves.
    • Build homes for GK Ark of Noah

      GK Boston has adopted the 78 families of the Ark of Noah Community. These families came from temporary shelters along the railroad tracks of Bocaue, Bulacan in the Philippines.