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How does the malnutrition program work?

Childhood malnutrition is estimated to contribute to a third of all childhood deaths, according to the UN Children’s Fund*. Teams working within the Platform Zulu framework will spend 3 months working with communities to customize and propose solutions, and another 6 months implementing their proposals. The end result are programs to alleviate childhood malnutrition that are both effective at the community level and potentially scalable across multiple impoverished communities in the Philippines.

The causes of malnutrition are multifactorial. This is why our model integrates solutions to problems of access and education while incorporating the current standard for medical outpatient malnutrition care. Education alone is insufficient to remedy childhood malnutrition in the resource limited settings we work in because families simply cannot afford nutritional foods. Platform Zulu’s malnutrition program seeks to remedy this by providing access to healthy, nutritional foods via an urban garden program. The advantage of this program over others is that it provides an integrated, multifactorial approach to malnutrition, smashed educational and access barriers, has an inexpensive start up cost ($3 per child), and a $0 propagation cost (the program is self sustaining and requires no additional funding after it is started).

You can give a child a chance at life with your gift today.

Sponsorship levels:

– $25 provides aid to lift 10 children out of malnutrition indefinitely

– $50 provides aid for 20 children

– $130 half a village

– $260 entire village

– $520 provides food for 2 villages

– $2,000 provides funding for our Z-Lab initiative (international nursing initiatives for to fund multiple malnutrition programs at numerous sites).

 *(Facts for life. (2010). New York: United Nations Children’s Fund)