Gawad Kalinga USA: Vision, Mission, Objectives, & Core Values

VISION: “A world where the spirit of bayanihan lives.”

Bayanihan derives from the Filipino root word “bayan” (country or nation); it is the same root in the word “bayani” (hero). Loosely translated, therefore, Bayanihan is the spirit of communality that binds people together. It is this same spirit of caring, sharing, and helping that fuels the work of Gawad Kalinga: the belief that it is the collective acts of people which makes great and even heroic visions possible.

MISSION:  “To inspire heroic action while rising to the challenge of nation-building — one person, one family, one community at a time.”

We partner with different organizations to reawaken the Bayanihan spirit of every Filipino and Filipino American in the United States.


  1. To inspire and develop the patriotic and heroic spirit of giving back to one’s people and country; To share the story of the Filipino to encourage pride in cultural heritage and identity.
  2. To promote civic leadership initiatives among Filipino American communities in the U.S.; To encourage a proactive and empowered citizenry and connect back to the community and motherland at the same time.
  3. To expand GK communities in the US– groups of like mind and heart, who care and share so no one will be left behind (walang iwanan!); To harness the spirit of bayanihan and volunteerism for the greater good.
  4. To promote partnerships with other like-minded organizations interested in addressing the common goals.
  5. To support and sustain the Gawad Kalinga movement by raising awareness, sharing expertise, and generating resources.

Core Values

  1. To care and share
  2. To be open and honest
  3. To be respectful
  4. To be inclusive
  5. To be inspirational
  6. To be forgiving
  7. To be selfless and heroic