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This May, I would like to focus on two areas of urgent need at the GK Ark of Noah community in Bocaue, Bulacan:

Mental Health. Given its lack of visibility, mental health is often overlooked in health interventions in developing countries (or in any countries). It would therefore be a great opportunity for our team and GK villages to assess the community’s mental health status, and promote awareness and education.

Access to care: The free services provided on site during this intervention might be the only health care these people receive. Without the ability to see medical professionals, simple infections and injuries can become life threatening. Participants in this program hope to address this issue by strengthening the existing health care network and by providing transportation to distant hospitals.

Anticipated interventions:

  • Mental health awareness and education: Last year’s data demonstrated that 60% of the villagers suffered from hypertension, and evaluating whether stress and mental health burden were contributing factors to such condition will help us to implement a more targeted strategy that will address the villagers’ high blood pressure issue from a mental health perspective. A donation of $100 will help us provide mental health support and education sessions to the villagers.
  • Healthcare transportation funding:  A donation of $125 helps provide lifesaving emergency   transportation for critically ill patients. 

Your donations will support:

1. Free clinic

2. Supplies for the clinic

3. Research efforts outlined above.

4. Continuation of Platform Zulu: malnutrition project.

5. Transportation, lodging, and supply expenses for the medical students.