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Child malnutrition leads to suffering, stunted growth, and diminished livelihoods. Our malnutrition project, now in its second year, seeks to prevent and address this plight by bringing together communities, medical students, faculty, and community health partners to find community-centered solutions. With your help, Danielle and her fellow interns hope to continue to provide access to nutritious foods, educational resources for parents, and expand community gardens to Gawad Kalinga communities this summer.

– Malnutrition among children in the Philippines is estimated to be the underlying condition in more than one third of deaths of children younger than 5 years old.  In addition, the long-term effects lead to inhibited learning and stunted development and can have a significant impacts on future earning potential.  A donation of $25 will help to sustain an urban garden that supplies healthy crops to families. 
– In order to continue longitudinal research efforts to fight malnutrition, we will be re-assessing children currently enrolled in the program and conducting surveys to gain deeper insight into the community’s understanding of child nutritional needs. A donation of $50 will help to fund these research efforts and develop additional plans for sustainable, community-centered solutions to child malnutrition.
– Lack of access to care is a major issue in the developing world. The free services provided on site during this intervention might be the only health care these people receive. Without the ability to see medical professionals, simple infections and injuries can become life threatening. Providing medical care to those in the developing world is a cornerstone of this project. A donation of $425 helps fund the clinic for a day.

Thank you for your consideration and support. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Make sure to carefully fill out your donation information in order to receive a tax receipt from Gawad Kalinga USA’s 501(c)3. If you choose to donate by check we will mail the receipt to the address on the check. 

Your donations will support:
– The free clinic

– Supplies for the clinic

– Crops for community urban garden

– Research efforts

– Transportation, lodging, and supply expenses for the medical students.