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With the Bayani Tour gaining global traction, Seafood City partners with GK-USA to show Filipino Americans why It’s More Fun in the Philippines

 (Los Angeles, CA) Wit­­­h the Gawad Kalinga-inspired Bayani Tour gaining more recognition in the community, the distinct Filipino/Asian lifestyle center and supermarket, Seafood City, has hopped on board as the title sponsor of the maiden Bayani Tour. However, this alliance is much more than a mere sponsorship opportunity for an immersion trip to the Philippines. It has sparked an urgency to partner with GK-USA on multiple levels of community efforts to increase the awareness of the Filipino American demographic.

This partnership between Seafood City and GK-USA signifies the shared interest to reach this new generation of Filipino Americans, as well as the opportunity to unveil the beauty of the Philippines and its people. The new Marketing Director for Seafood City, Marian Bacol-Uba, expressed that Seafood City is really here to support Filipinos, Filipino Americans, and the movement that the Bayani Tour is sparking. We are excited to bring Filipino culture and food to the mainstream by building a partnership with the Bayani Tour and its affiliates.

With the opening of its first store in San Diego over 20 years ago, Seafood City established itself as a premier supermarket chain servicing the needs of Filipino Americans across the United States. Several locations have opened since then in California, Nevada, and Seattle with more stores slated to launch in the future. Seafood City’s eclectic mix of Asian and Filipino food specialties features fresh seafood, meat and produce. The chain also has a bakery, pharmacy, several dining options and other services for busy households. For the Filipino and Asian community, Seafood city is “home away from home.”  For instant updates on special events, promos, and discounts, follow Seafood City online. Like them on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @seafood_city.

The wholehearted participation of YouTube singer/songwriters Joseph Vincent, AJ Rafael, and Jeremy Passion has sparked the interest of their massive Philippine fan base. Since it was announced that the three Filipino American YouTube artists were exploring the Motherland as a part of the Bayani Tour, there has been heavy buzz on what the Bayani Tour aims to do with these three artists.  It’s also noteworthy that the press team behind President Aquino’s Facebook Page also made sure to share the story of the Bayani Tour to President Aquino’s mighty following.

Essentially, the Bayani Tour aims to unveil the spirit of “Bayanihan” to the Filipino American community and to remind them of the common thread that binds Filipinos – that Filipinos around the globe all come from the same origin, the Philippine Islands. The Bayani Tour partners in New York and New Jersey are also working on the Summer Bayani Tour scheduled for August 2013. With the maiden Bayani Tour on February 14, 2013, there is much hope for future projects and collaborations with Seafood City, the YouTube artists, the Department of Tourism, Kababayan LA on LA18, FilAm TV, Equilibrium USG, and Redefined Magazine.  In fact, one of our affiliates, FilAm TV, was inspired to bring three personalities with them to the Philippines on the maiden Bayani Tour. FilAm TV invited actor, Sean Michael Afable, singer, Gaby Borromeo, and model, KoKo Laimana to join the maiden Bayani Tour this February. Also, the hosts of FilAm TV’s Super Random Report, Sharon Apple & Arnold Basingat, will be joining the maiden trip.

The Bayani Tour partners invite you to learn more about the Bayani Tour ( and join the movement to uplift the Filipino community through awareness, collaboration, and most importantly, through the spirit of Bayanihan.


Discover the Fun, Share the Experience and Be a Hero.


THE BAYANI TOUR – 2/14 to 2/23, 2013

The Bayani Tour will take visitors to historical sites in Manila such as the Intramuros, the Luneta Park, the Ayala Museum and the Malacanang Palace to rekindle a connection to a people’s heritage; then bring them to other amazing places, such as Palawan, to inspire pride for a countryside of unmatched beauty; and then go for a visit at Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan to showcase the message of hope brought on by GK’s community development programs and social entrepreneurship initiatives that engage the poor to become part of a productive citizenry.

It is our hope that those who will visit will have a deeper appreciation for the Motherland, spread the good news about the country and pass on that experience to others so they too may experience the beauty of the Philippines. This can be the start of your journey to become a nation builder.

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