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Food distributions continue in severely affected areas in central Philippines

November 16, 2013 – Gawad Kalinga is at the forefront of providing immediate support to affected families.  Thousands of volunteers have signed up and joined Operation Walang Iwanan (“Leave no one behind”).  Despite many challenges in logistics, volunteers push their limits and are determined to bring food to these communities.

More than 60,000 food packs have been distributed and the target is to bring 200,000 food packs in the next two weeks.

Planning is already in place for reconstruction phase.  More and more people are getting involved and we thank all the volunteers and donors who make this emergency response an important part of the Filipino people’s struggle in rebuilding their lives.




How to Volunteer You can be a volunteer by sharing your time and talent to GK USA.  Several special events and activities are being organized by the various GK teams in your area.  Even as simple as participating in brainstorming for plans and activities, you can be a great help in the team!  For a list of area coordination teams and contact persons, click here. If there is no GK Team in your area and you want to start up, you can organize a small group of advocates and enthusiasts (minimum of 5-10 individuals) and start your own GK Team!  Contact GK USA through Howie@gk-usa.org for more information. GK USA envisions “a world where the spirit of bayanihan lives.”  You can help make it happen by being a volunteer!  
Support the Movement Support the Gawad Kalinga movement through the Bayani Challenge USA.  We are calling out to all bayanis (heroes) to support the activities of Gawad Kalinga in the US and the Philippines by raising $100 each for ten (10) months into the Bayani Fund.  For more information, see Bayani Challenge USA. For check payments, please your checks to: GK USA 13860 Stowe Dr Poway, CA 92064 For online donations, please click here. Connect with us: